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What our customers are saying
"We can easily follow the margins the bank takes and we can easily compare with other banks. If there are suddent shifts, we can quickly discuss this with the bank and challenge the bank."
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"Every time we trade we benchmark the rates offered. We follow the development over time per bank."
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"Just offers the perfect tool to keep track of what the banks charge on FX, and helps us save money. Using Just made our treasury operation more professional."
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"Just is an easy-to-use tool which provides a very good overview of banks' charges and enables us to make well informed decisions."
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"Just has given us the opportunity to benchmark our FX trades, and easily identify the cost margins we were charged."
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"We rely on Just's pre-trade, live benchmark functionality to make informed, real-time decisions when we trade FX. Using Just saves us cost and improves our FX operations."
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"Vi har definitivt haft glädje av er produckt. Den är väldigt användarvänlig och effektiv. Med Just har vi halvert valutakostnadene våre helt smertefritt."
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"Just FX Analytics has given us a much needed overview on our FX operation. We have saved a significant amount of money since we became a customer."
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"Working with Just has been really insightful, and it has showed me that being on top of our FX operation is highly valuable. They have basically informed me of a problem I initially didn’t know existed. On top of that, they have been really helpful in guiding me through the negotiation phase with the bank."
“It was so easy! As soon as I received a quote from the FX broker, I was able to challenge the rate I received, showing a margin of 1,000 per million exchanged. He was surprised that I could tell him exactly what he had calculated in profit, and when I told him to give me a new quote, he had reduced the margin to 500 per million exchanged. On that phone call alone, I saved SEK 5,000!”
“Using Just FX Analytics has opened up a door for me in terms of negotiation. Suddenly I had the ability to make informed decisions when trading, AND were able to negotiate a new overall margin for all of our FX trades. Everything was really effortless, and it took no longer than a week to save 1.5 million annually. Now, we use FX Just Analytics to make sure the bank is honouring our new agreement.”
“It was genius. Since I now had a repository for all my historic FX Trades, it was just a matter of contacting potential banks, show them an overview of how much FX we do over the year, and ask them for better margins than what our current FX provider is offering. And it worked!”
“Just FX Analytics has become a highly valued tool that I use on a weekly basis, making sure that the banks are kept in line. Also, it has allowed me to delegate FX trading to my associates, so that I can focus on other important tasks.”
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Company saves NOK 3.5 million in FX costs

2 minutes

3x reduction on FX markup by bank after one week using Just

1 minute

FX insights saved NOK 1.5 million in FX costs

1 minute
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