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Look into the future, see your FX exposure, and control risk

Base your hedging strategy and
trading decisions on real-time data.
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Trusted by CFOs, treasurers
 & board members at over 100 global companies

Protect your business from currency risk

FX exposure creates risk for your business and if not addressed, can seriously undermine - if not jeopardise a company’s liquidity position.

Treasurers can use hedging to protect their cash flow against unexpected price changes, currency fluctuations, or interest rate movements.

Move beyond manual spreadsheets

Spreadsheets work, but they are not enough.

If you’re trading daily or weekly, mistakes get made when you are tracking your current exposure. Time is wasted copying and overlaying your business projections with details on executed trades, currencies and real-time rates from the interbank market.

Excel sheets can’t provide the interactive visualisation and analysis tools you need to effectively slice and dice exposure data, and easily see exposure scenarios and what should happen next.

FX Hedge Check automatically collates, analyses, and presents data so that your team can focus on reducing exposure rather than manual processes.
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Automate the exposure

management process
See all the data you need to make the right decisions. Integrate your business projections, and keep data organised and accessible.

FX Hedge Check automatically analyses your trades and provides treasury teams with a live view of risks, controls, and assessment results that come from transactions.
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Understand and track exposure
in each currency
Track currency exposure for every business unit across your company or portfolio.

See where you are naturally hedged and where you are not.

Assess any value that's at risk from FX rate fluctuations.
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Use data to plan FX trades and
other key business decisions
Understand different options for currency trades to reduce exposure.

Set hedge targets and budget rates so that other teams have clarity over contract negotiation and wider business decisions. 
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Show success and alignment with
the company's FX policy
Demonstrate to stakeholders how you have reduced risk for the business with disciplined execution of your hedging strategy.

How it works

Choose hedge/risk targets
Upload trade receipts
Add business projections or use Just’s automated exposure predictions
Data is ready for 
your decisions
Case study

Ulefos cut 84% on key trading activity

Just’s FX Analytics enabled us to level the playing field with our bank and enter into conversations with them about changing the fees they were charging.
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We’ve helped over 100 treasury teams protect their business from currency risk.

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Manage FX Exposure and take control of business risk with FX Hedge Check

A Graph Showing FX Trades Before And After Using JustA Graph Showing FX Trades Before And After Using Just
Find out how to control your FX exposure.
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