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Krister Pedersen, CFO

"Just FX Analytics has given us a much needed overview on our FX operation. We have saved a significant amount of money since we became a customer."

Companies that don't monitor hedges against exposure create risk

FX trade confirmation receipt upload

Eliminate the risk of errors that happen when tracking hedges in a spreadsheet

Don't risk manual input mistakes and spreadsheet mishaps. Upload your trade receipts in Just, and we automatically do the tracking for you.

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Align forward contracts with FX exposure with FX Hedge Check

Forward contracts and other hedges require constant monitoring to ensure they cover your exposure and risk. Revenue and cost projection changes are some of the many factors that can suddenly change your outlook and risk.

  • Do my current hedges still cover my expected needs?
  • Should I adjust existing contracts or add new ones?
  • Have I hedged my risk as required by the companies FX Policy?
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Plan FX. hedges with FX settlements
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