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Trine Sæther Romuld, CFO

"We can easily follow the margins the bank takes and we can easily compare with other banks. If there are suddent shifts, we can quickly discuss this with the bank and challenge the bank."

Companies that know their true FX costs can control them

Stop unfair FX costs with independent market data

Your FX cost is a mark-up of rates in the interbank market where big institutions trade currency. Our trade cost analysis (TCA) uses the data from banks, ECNs and brokers to help you see the spread and ask the right questions.

  • How big is the mark-up before bank fees, risk factors and interest payments?
  • Why is the mark-up so large compared to other similar trades?
  • Can my bank or provider do better for me, and still make a fair mark-up?
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FX analytics image showing provider compare before and after benchmarking

Trade cost patterns matter more than individual trades

You need more than what your financial provider tells you about the margin on a trade to spot hidden costs. You need the big picture and slice-and-dice insights.

  • Which bank charges the most for the same type of trade?
  • Are some of my subsidiaries paying a lot more than the other ones?
  • How am I doing compared to companies like mine?
  • What type of trades give me the best margins?
  • Did my costs change unexpectedly?
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Margin agreements can't protect you if they are not enforced

Just FX Analytics makes it easy for you to see how the rates you paid compare to what you were promised. Monitor and enforce the margin or rate agreements you have with your bank or FX provider.

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Tracking fx provider compliance with margin agreements
reporting and governance

Use data to show you have controlled FX costs

It's nice to have the reassurance and the option to show other people too!

  • Use data to tell the story for you
  • Access on demand, presentation-ready charts for management and board reviews
  • Export evidence of your total FX volume to request competing offers from other banks and fx providers
  • Get visibility that allows you to delegate FX responsibilities with confidence
  • Show FX policy compliance and good governance
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Reduce your costs in 3 simple steps

Upload your trade confirmation receipts

These are usually PDF or excel files provided by your bank or provider after your trade.

FX trade cost analysis process

The Just TCA engine analyses your trade

The Just Trade Cost Analysis (TCA) engine leverages interbank market data. It applies robust methodology based on best-in-breed expertise of FX specialists and leading academics.

You get results and insights

Use the data to negotiate with your bank, update your trading strategies, plan your FX policy or show compliance.

What our clients have learned from FX Analytics

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