Get "fair" FX prices from vetted banks and brokers

A graph showing FX trades before and after using Just
Access a diverse pool of the best global FX brokers from one solution. Helping corporate treasury teams reduce FX rates and mitigate risk exposure.
A graph showing FX trades before and after using Just
Trusted by CFOs, treasurers
 & board members at over 100 global companies
9 out of 10 businesses overpay to their banks when they trade FX to transact or hedge risk
Sadly, most businesses end up boosting the banksprofit pools, instead of their own
Banks often tailor their pricing based on how sophisticated they believe your business to be. Having limited access to FX providers means you're likely paying more than you should be.

But it doesn't have to be this way…
Reduce your FX costs with greater market transparency and more optionality
Get access to competitive rates from providers that has committed to not discriminate against you.
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Lower your FX risk exposure by diversifying your liquidity providers
Reduce your risk and your business' reliance on a limited number of counterparts by diversifying your FX provider pool.

Establish a trusted pool of FX providers—that includes your existing bank relationships—to increase optionality and competition between providers.

All banks and brokers undergo rigorous quality checks – based on reputation, balance sheet quality, adherance to FX Global Code of Conduct, and a track record of efficiency.
Automate your trade cost analysis
Every trade you execute is automatically documented, analyzed, and stored. Compare execution and pricing quality across all of your trading relationships.
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We’ve helped treasury teams save over $30 million on FX trades
"We were very impressed with Just. We were able to cut our FX costs by over 30%, and we continue to use it to monitor our trades because we know if we don’t, our costs will increase again."
Boe Spurré, CEO Sirena
"When we started to use the FX tools, we were expecting some savings, but not the scale of the savings we’ve actually secured."
"We can easily follow the margins the bank takes and we can easily compare with other banks. If there are suddent shifts, we can quickly discuss this with the bank and challenge the bank."
"Every time we trade we benchmark the rates offered. We follow the development over time per bank."

Drive more FX profits back into your business

Stop losing out to opaque FX pricing practices.
  • Gain access to more competitive FX rates
  • Diversify risk across a diverse pool of vetted FX liquidity providers
  • Ensure greater leverage in negotiations with your existing providers
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A Graph Showing FX Trades Before And After Using Just
Find out how to lower your FX costs.
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