FX benchmark

Cut corporate FX costs while you trade with a benchmarking tool built for treasury teams

Get access to real-time interbank market data on 1000+ currency pairs. Know when to trade, wait, or negotiate for a fairer FX margin.
We’ve helped corporate treasurers save more than $30 million in FX trade costs

What is FX benchmarking?

FX benchmarking compares the data banks use to trade with each other ("interbank market" data)  with the rates that banks offer to their customers.

While banks have visibility over true FX rates in the market, treasurers are often left in the dark.

But with benchmarking, they can gain access to the information needed to understand the margins on their FX trades and regain control over their FX costs.

Why you should use FX Benchmark while trading

If you don’t benchmark your FX trades, you’re paying too much - up to 150% more than you should.  

Just’s FX Benchmark enables you to understand whether the quote you receive from your FX provider is a fair quote, so you can make a fast decision.

FX Benchmark also shows what other companies are paying for the same trade.
Harness the Power of Data
Businesses don’t see true FX rates due to limited access to FX interbank market data.

Access the same FX rates that your provider uses, check margins as you trade and stop paying more than you should.
Compare margins to what other companies are getting
FX Benchmark does the work to show you whether margins are higher than everyone else is paying — all in real-time while you trade.
Get the Best Margins

on Forward Contracts
Lower your hedging costs by benchmarking forward contracts. Compare quotes for multiple contract lengths.

Choose the date you want funds exchanged and the currency pairs you want to trade, and get fast answers. Reduce your exposure and lower your FX costs.
Take Advantage

of Hedge Rate Alerts
When you hedge your exposure with longer contracts, spot rate alerts from rate trackers aren’t enough. 

Get rate alerts for the contract length that makes sense for your business.
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Case study

Global business lowers their annual FX costs by 58%

‘Just’s Analytics enabled us to level the playing field with our bank and enter into conversations with them about changing the fees they were charging.’
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We’ve helped treasury teams save 
more than $30 million on FX trades

"We were very impressed with Just. We were able to cut our FX costs by over 30%, and we continue to use it to monitor our trades because we know if we don’t, our costs will increase again."
Boe Spurré, CEO Sirena
"We can easily follow the margins the bank takes and we can easily compare with other banks. If there are suddent shifts, we can quickly discuss this with the bank and challenge the bank."
"Every time we trade we benchmark the rates offered. We follow the development over time per bank."
"When we started to use the FX tools, we were expecting some savings, but not the scale of the savings we’ve actually secured."

Take back control of your FX costs

Download our free eBook and discover how you can take back control of your FX costs.
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See the results for yourself

  • Check your bank quotes while you trade.
  • Get immediate, real-time feedback on your quote so you can decide whether to trade, wait or negotiate.
  • Know how the margin on your quote compares to what other companies are getting.
A Graph Showing FX Trades Before And After Using JustA Graph Showing FX Trades Before And After Using Just
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