Health check for FX control

Launched with a Tier 1 management consulting firm, our partnership plan is for management consultants conducting treasury reivews.

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Position a fast win with clients

Most corporates are overpaying significantly for FX trading.  Create immediate value with data insights that show excessive FX costs.

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Use data for FX strategy proposals

Address key strategic and process questions

  • How much can your client save by FX benchmarking?
  • Is your client's handling of FX exposure a risk factor?
  • Does your client have a good process to ensure hedges align with FX risk?
  • Can your client leverage internal trading opportunities to reduce trade costs?
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Enable governance advisory initiatives

Effective FX governance is non-existent for many corporates. Use Just to create a scalable, data-driven assessment framework.

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Reduce your costs in 3 simple steps

Upload your trade confirmation receipts

These are usually PDF or excel files provided by your bank or provider after your trade.

FX trade cost analysis process

The Just TCA engine analyses your trade

The Just Trade Cost Analysis (TCA) engine leverages interbank market data. It applies robust methodology based on best-in-breed expertise of FX specialists and leading academics.

You get results and insights

Use the data to negotiate with your bank, update your trading strategies, plan your FX policy or show compliance.

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Trusted by CFOs, Treasurers and Board members of 100+ global companies to stay in control of FX
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