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Protect your business from overpaying on FX trades with objective market data

You don't need to fear discussing trade margins with your bank.

Join the corporate treasurers who use Just to lead data-driven conversations with their bank and get fairer deals.
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Join the 100+ companies getting fairer margins:

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the club. Get the data.

The FX market is an opaque, insiders club. Banks trade with each other at the real market prices in the interbank market, and add margin to sell FX services to corporate treasurers.

Banks make their highest fees on companies that don’t have the data to know what a fair FX margin looks like.

Don’t be in that group.

CFOs and treasurers use Just to understand the FX market so that they can broker fairer trade deals with their bank.
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Quick and easy to use
Your treasury team has many other responsibilities outside of managing FX.

With Just, simply upload your past trade receipts to our secure platform and access the insights you need to control FX costs.

Get comprehensive guidance and support to use this data to reduce margins with your bank.
A Graph Showing Increasing Spot Rates
Compare the FX market at a glance
See how your bank charges similar companies, and check the margins of other banks.

Objective data means you don’t pay more than what's fair in the market.
A Graph Showing Increasing Spot Rates
Bank conversations made easy
It's fair to have questions about discussing margins with your bank.
  • What do I say?
  • How will the bank respond?
  • Will I be able to keep a positive relationship with them?
With objective data and guidance reports from Just, it’s straight forward to have effective conversations with your bank about better margins and keep the relationship strong.

Just clients not only cut their costs by up to 60% or more, but they get a clearer understanding of how their bank thinks about FX fees.
Just's FX Insights eBook
Case study

A Nordic manufacturer reduced their FX costs by 68% with Just

“Just’s analytics enabled us to level the playing field with our bank and enter into conversations with them about changing the fees they were charging.”
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How does it work?

Navigate the FX market, achieve savings, and optimise your relationship with your bank in four simple steps:
Upload your trade

data to the platform
Gathering and uploading your trades takes less than 1 hour. Just will use interbank market data to perform volume-weighted, trade cost analysis (TCA) on your historical trades and provide you with what you need:

a clear understanding of your margins across your traded currency pairs and contract lengths (tenors), and how your margins compare to what other companies are getting from your bank and other FX providers.

This makes it quick and easy for your treasury team to understand where your company sits in the market and just how much you are overpaying.
A Graph Showing Increasing Spot Rates
A Graph Showing Increasing Spot Rates
Prepare for the conversation
Use Just insights to prepare for the discussion with your bank, and leverage the support of the Just team:
  • The Just team will invite you to a ‘data review’ meeting to discuss your analysis.
  • The review will go through your company's ‘Potential FX Savings’ report that shows the fair, achievable margin you should be paying and how much you could be saving.
  • You will also receive guidance with easy-to-use rationales and discussion points for requesting lower margins from your FX providers.
This ensures that you know exactly what to say and have all the material you need to secure a better margin.
Discuss margins with your bank
It is normal for companies to discuss margins with their bank. They expect it. It doesn't mean you will lose access to services or good terms. Indeed, it can lead to a better deal straight-away.

With objective data about the FX market from Just, you can have credible and realistic conversations. After all, you are not asking your bank to give up a fee - you are just asking for the fee to be fair.
“We must admit we are impressed with Just and the accuracy of its analysis. Your customers have done well using it. No bank likes to reduce fees! But we have lowered costs in the cases where customers use Just’s analysis to demonstrate there is an opportunity to align better on margins. If they come with the data, we know we have to have a conversation with them.”
A Multinational Nordic Bank
A Graph Showing Increasing Spot Rates
See savings
Banks usually make an offer to Just customers after just one or two conversations. For some clients, this can be more than just FX savings:
“They immediately said they would come back to us with a new margin offer, and a bigger picture deal on deposits and loans.”
Head of Treasury at a mid-size Nordic company
However, it’s important to continue to monitor FX margins. Many banks will drop margins, and then later on test to see if companies are still paying attention by slowly increasing FX margins. With Just data, you can catch this.

See the results for yourself

Experience an average ROI of 8-15x
With less than 1 hour of your time, get the insights you need to achieve savings that are multiples of your subscription fee to the Just platform.
Achieve FX savings of up to 60%
Over 100 corporate businesses have successfully secured
fairer margins using Just.
Just's FX Insights eBook

Find out how Just customers use data to lower FX costs

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We’ve helped treasury teams save more than $30 million on FX trades:

"We can easily follow the margins the bank takes and we can easily compare with other banks. If there are suddent shifts, we can quickly discuss this with the bank and challenge the bank."
"Every time we trade we benchmark the rates offered. We follow the development over time per bank."

Find out how Just can benefit your corporate business

A Graph Showing FX Trades Before And After Using Just
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