About Just

Who we are

Just was founded in Oslo, Norway in May 2017 after Just founder & CEO Anders’ previous entrepreneurial venture, mCASH, was acquired by the Sparebank 1 banking group. After spending six years building one of the first mobile payments solutions in Europe, he wanted to solve problems for businesses. Anders teamed up with some friends who recently had left JPMorgan where they had built the global electronic FX business. They spent hours talking to businesses involved with global trade, dove deep into analyzing traded FX contracts, and established that banks systematically price discriminate their customers.

The unfair pricing practices employed by banks and the need for more transparent market mechanics became the basis for the first product offering from Just: FX Analytics. With it's flagship product, Just FX Analytics has benchmarked over USD 80 billion in trades, and helped clients save more than USD 30 million.

Today, Just creates software solutions to transform how corporate treasurers globally manage FX, connecting business intelligence and analytics capabilities directly to transparent financial market data.

Our mission

Bringing transparency, control and actionable insights to FX exposed treasury teams

Corporate finance departments worldwide are suffering from financial information asymmetry. Financial providers have access to far more knowledge than their customers, and this information disparity has led to price discrimination practices by banks around the world. The banks exploit their superior market knowledge and their customers' perceived lack of sophistication in order to discretely tack on fees and margins. Just provides businesses with the level of sophistication and leverage required to challenge the banks on their pricing, bringing transparency and efficiency to corporate risk management.

Customers already on our platform are experiencing significant cost reduction and more clarity in how they make trade decisions. Long term, we want to transform operational efficiency for corporate treasury teams around the world. Our hyper-focused short term mission however is to level the playing field for businesses involved in global trade when they are consuming financial markets products from their banks.

Our vision

The world's most-trusted financial risk management solution

Just is at the forefront of modernizing workflows for corporate treasurers around the world. We want to liberate treasurers from opaque market pricing, and repetitive, error-prone workflows, freeing them to focus on more strategic activities. Just will become the connectivity hub that links transparent financial data, risk analytics and market liquidity for businesses around the world.

Our values

Our values are trust, transparency and control. We create experiences based on these values.


We believe trust is the ultimate qualifier of any relationship. To us, trust is an obligation to put our customers and partners first as they join us on our mission.


Transparency is an imperative to expose the unfairness of the status quo. We believe in information sharing, honesty and the use of data as tools to maintain fair relationships.


Control empowers people to determine their own outcomes. We aim to provide control mechanisms and tools for treasurers and CFOs to make better strategic decisions, and further minimize financial risk.

Trusted by CFOs, Treasurers and Board members of 100+ global companies to stay in control of FX
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