Your portfolio companies are paying up to 25x more than they should for FX

Companies that don't have access to market data are always vulnerable to price discrimination in over-the-counter markets.  

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Help your companies reduce costs with FX Analytics.

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How Just Can Help

Our flagship FX Analytics product is easy to use and quickly lets companies:

Access bank margins

on trades with analysis
from the interbank market

Compare their margins

to what their banks are
charging other clients

Comparison shop margins

of other FX providers
without moving flow

Negotiate better

deals with
their banks

We have benchmarked more than 140+ billion USD in corporate
FX trades for more than 100 PE-owned companies.

"Our portfolio companies in seafood have realised millions in savings on FX and
really upped their approach to treasury after onboarding to Just FX Analytics."

Future proof your portfolio

It's easy to enable your companies to access the benefits of FX Analytics.

Increase operating and net profit
by reducing FX margins by up to 25x

Excessive FX margins reduce your companies' value and competitiveness, and have a compounded negative impact across your portfolio.

Upskill treasury teams
and improve governance

Empower treasury teams with market data and analytics. One-click reports enable greater FX cost control across subsidiaries.  

Increase portfolio
synergies and value

Get an aggregated view of FX performance across your companies. Set best practices and use combined portfolio FX flow as leverage for better bank deals on FX.

Empower your portfolio companies to become
best in class on FX cost management

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