Take control of corporate FX

We exist to eliminate unfairness in the corporate FX market. We empower companies to control FX cost and FX risk when they trade in multiple currencies.

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Companies face significant risk when they buy and sell goods and services in multiple currencies

fluctuating markets

supply chain disruptions

business forecast changes

economic uncertainty

Control the risks

Own the full life cycle of FX Management

Ensure your business has liquidity in the right currencies
when you need it, where you need it, at the best price and with minimum risk.

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Control FX costs


Reduce FX Risk

Plan FX currency needs

Plan currency needs

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Reassure your team

Control trading costs with FX Benchmark

Get real-time insight while you trade on currencies that impact your business. Decide to take the deal, negotiate or wait.

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FX Benchmark
FX Analytics - Home

Spot patterns and changes in rates to control costs

Use FX Analytics to slice and dice data, and see hidden costs. Spot differences by financial provider, currency pair, tenor and more.

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Manage exposure and risk with FX Hedge Check

Monitor forward contracts and other hedges to ensure they keep pace with business activities that impact FX risk

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FX Hedge Check
FX Treasury - liquidity view

Ensure liquidity in the right currencies with FX Treasury

Managing FX requires aligning your trade plans with constantly changing revenue and cost projections in your business. Use FX Treasury to stay ahead of your needs and exposure.

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Evidence success in control and compliance

Get peace of mind of knowing costs are under control. Use data and reports to show FX control and FX policy compliance.

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Just FX Reports
Trusted by CFOs, Treasurers and Board members of 100+ global companies to stay in control of FX
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Take control of corporate FX

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