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Espen Ruud, Head of Finance, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
"Before we started to use Just, we didn’t have a good way of evaluating the rates our banks gave us. Now, Just FX Analytics helps us measure how different banks price our FX flow on different currencies, enabling us to optimize our trading process, and improve our internal policy reporting. This helps us ensure that we can maximize the amounts for those in need.”
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Your capital has better use than paying overpriced financial provider bank fees.  Leverage key insights so you can get the maximum use of global donations for the missions and causes you care about

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Get the flexibility you need to manage FX costs, and track cash flow and liquidity anyway you like. The Just platform makes it easy for you to focus on project level or company-wide analysis.

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Include cost control and FX policy governance as part of your capital management conversations with donors. Use reports to evidence compliance.

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