Intelligent, automated, precise. The next generation of liquidity forecasting solutions.

Start using Just Liquidity Forecasting tomorrow to level up your treasury operations. No complex set-up project, and easily integrated into your current workflow.

The most precise forecasting tool in the industry

With Just, you can forecast more frequently, more precisely, and examine forecasting data at greater depth, than ever before. We store a complete history of your team’s forecasting activities, enabling you to measure historic forecasting effectiveness against actual cash positions. Our predictive technology lets you use previous trends in cash flow to forecast further into the future, with a high level of accuracy.

Intelligent automation and integration

Just provides extensive automation of your forecasting workflow, reducing scope for human error and freeing up time to focus on more strategic activities. Optional integration with your accounting system, ERP system, or banks ensures the very latest data is always at hand. Centralized, secure cloud data storage ensures you can access the information you need from anywhere, on any platform.

Advanced simulation and risk modelling

Just allows you to test changes to your forecast in real-time, enabling you to evaluate strategies and stress test your business easily. See the impact of scenarios such as loan drawdown, changes in cost base, or market movements, at the click of a button. Combine Just’s rich financial market data with your financial models to project the effects on your business of FX rate movements, interest rate changes, and more.

Seamless collaboration across distributed teams

With Just, consolidating financial information from a distributed team across multiple business units or subsidiaries becomes simple. Assign or delegate ownership for specific parts of a forecast, and see changes in real-time as they are submitted. Just takes care of consolidating forecasts for you, so you can focus your time on interpretation and action on the data.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Just is built from the ground up to create a secure and auditable financial environment. Fine-grained access controls ensure users see only what they should. Optional 2-factor authentication provides an added layer of security. Approval workflows allow you to apply the four-eyes principle to ensure the right people sign off on forecasts.