Control your FX cost and centralize your trade data

Centralizing your trade data and uncovering your true FX cost is the first step towards getting fair FX prices.

One place for all your FX data

For the first time, you have one centralized view of all your trade data and future settlements. View all your FX activities and drill down by FX provider, subsidiary, currency pair and more.

Access market data, without markup

Just aggregates data from 20 banks, ECNs and brokers to give real-time and historic market data. The rate FX providers quote does not reflect the real market rate that banks trade at—markup is applied before you get your quote. With Just, you can access pre-markup rates.

Reveal your true FX cost

Just has partnered with leading academics and FX specialists to develop a robust Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) methodology that accurately uncovers trade costs and margins. Upload your trade receipts, and you'll get a complete overview of your FX costs.

Benchmark FX trades live

Use Just's live market data and calculator to benchmark quotes from your FX provider in real time. You can use this to ensure your FX providers stick to the agreed terms before you even execute a trade.

Negotiate better prices

Use the insight you've gained to talk to your bank on equal footing, or choose to trade with the cheapest provider. With Just, you gain the leverage to negotiate the margin banks charge you when you trade FX.

Benefit from automated FX reports

Get a high-level overview of your FX, or take a dive deep into the data. View and share your monthly, quarterly or yearly FX reports to give executive-level insight into trading and hedging operations.

Keep track of your future FX settlements

View when your trades settle and see the cash flow impact by currency, provider or legal entity. Match the net FX volumes in the tool with your other cash flow items or bookings to see your FX exposure.

Comprehensive market coverage

Just supports the most commonly used FX instruments in corporate finance and hedging. With over 500 supported currency pairs and the ability to analyze spot, forward and swap trades, Just has you covered.