Things are moving fast at Just and we want to share some of our latest product updates.

We have on-boarded a high number of new customers the past 4 months, analyzed thousands of new traded FX contracts and reached a total notional FX volume of $12 billion analyzed. All this keeps us on our toes, and helps us gain insight to better understand our customers and their needs.

We stand firmly by our mission, and we have balanced a healthy pragmatic focus on value driven product development without losing sight of our long term vision. In short, we constantly work on problems that provides more value, reduces time to insight and help our customers be in control of their FX.

We have added many new features the past few months:

Data filtering

Our increasingly diverse customer base has brought with it increasingly diverse company structures, calling for richer insight and an improved ability to compare information. With our latest release, our customers can now filter their data and dive deep into specific parts of their data to find trends in corporate FX cost. Now, trade cost, margin, and traded amounts can be compared across trade types, legal entities and currency pairs.

Improved usability

We've managed to deliver more functionality and control while also making the product easier than ever to use. This is all thanks to user observations and tests that helped us restructure and improve the product. A few examples are: all interactions above and below the charts and table have been simplified, the use of colours has been made more consistent across the app, text in the app has been updated to be more clear and consistent, and margins are now displayed parts per million (PPM) rather than percent (%).

Support for more than 250 currency pairs

We have added Pre-trade support for BRL, HKD, INR, MXN, CNY, RUB, ZAR, KRW and TRY. This brings our total coverage to more than 250 currency pairs.