Just FX Analytics enables savvy corporate CFOs and treasurers to understand and optimize their FX pricing and operations. Just has analyzed over $3 billion in traded FX spot, forward and swap contracts for our early customers, as we have partnered with them to develop the product.

After working closely with a select number of Norwegian companies across several industries, from heavy industries to aquaculture, we’re excited to launch Just FX Analytics to the broader Norwegian market.

Built out of necessity

Foreign Exchange (FX) trading on behalf of corporate and business customers is one of the most profitable areas for the capital markets divisions of corporate banks.

Banks benefit from a combination of cheap access to capital and an advantage in availability of market data when they deal with customers. This allows them not only to quietly apply a mark-up on the competitive interbank FX rates they can access, but also enables them to differentiate pricing by individual company depending on how “sophisticated” they perceive that company’s FX operation as being.

The FX market, because of its over-the-counter nature, is lightly regulated when it comes to pricing. It is therefore a classic case of “buyer beware” of hidden costs, and we have seen many customers unaware that their bank is offering them worse pricing than other similar companies.

We care about change

At Just, we are driving the agenda of transparency and fairness in a corporate market which still is plagued by discriminatory FX pricing practices, FX scandals, and banks fighting new regulation. We have put together a group of top software engineers, data scientists, designers & finance professionals, dedicated to reshaping the market and improving the lives of corporate treasurers and CFOs.

With Just FX Analytics, treasurers and CFOs get the information and insight required to better understand how their FX providers are treating them. Our aim is to shift the leverage back from the bank to the company, and minimize the risk of being exploited on pricing.

By using Just FX Analytics, treasurers also benefit from increased control of their operation. By consolidating traded FX contracts from international subsidiaries in one central FX hub, treasurers can identify deviations from agreed FX policies, identify patterns of irregularities on pricing from local banks dealing with a subsidiary in a foreign market, and see rich up-to-date data on their FX flow.

Easy sign-up, transparent pricing and hands-on onboarding

Just FX Analytics is delivered through the internet browser, and requires no local installation or integration with third-party systems. Any business can become a customer, and will be charged a subscription based on their annual traded FX volume. No hidden fees.

After sign-up, all users across the organization will be invited to a 45-minute video onboarding session to explore the company’s FX management processes and understand how we can work together to quickly unlock value.