In November, Just hosted a lunch seminar in Oslo, attended by corporate treasurers and CFOs across various industries, including oil & gas, retail, automotive, and others.

The theme of the seminar was price discrimination in the corporate FX market. Topics discussed were how banks price spot, forward and swap FX, approaches to achieve more leverage and improved pricing with FX banks and latest developments in the corporate FX market.

Anders Nicolai Bakke, CEO and Founder of Just, gives an introduction to Just and our mission to bring fairness to the corporate FX market.

You can watch the presentation here.

Geir Bjønnes, professor - Norwegian Business School, is one of few researchers globally who has studied price discrimination in the FX market. Geir presented a summary of his 14 years of research. The key takeaways for attendees were

  • The corporate FX market of 2019 is still highly opaque
  • FX market information is fragmented and hard to access for non-institutional market participants.
  • As a result banks can and will charge corporates arbitrary margins.
  • The degree of client sophistication that the bank perceives determines the margin that they charge.

Watch Geir’s presentation online here.

Agne Masiulyte, Group Treasury Manager of ATEA, the largest IT infrastructure company in the Nordics/Baltics, shared a case study on how access to real-time and historic market data via Just FX Analytics enabled them to negotiate with their banks to deliver significant savings on their FX costs.

Watch Agne’s presentation online here.

Surprisingly, 60% of businesses do not know their FX volume and as many as 90% are not using reference data when trading. Just is on a mission to challenge this status quo.

We plan to host further events like this in future, as we bring together global CFOs and treasurers to tackle the challenges of modern financial risk management. Get in touch with us if you are interested in attending.

If you are an FX exposed company and think Just could help your business, sign up here for a no-obligation free trial.

Thanks to the speakers for an insightful and rewarding day. Thanks also to all attendees and all questions asked!