Get better FX rates from your bank. Access the FX data they see and set your terms.

FX Benchmark is a free live-market analytics software designed for corporate treasury teams. Decrease the amount you pay in FX fees, and get your FX exposure and risk under control.

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  • Check & negotiate lower bank margins while you trade
  • Get forward rates to price hedges at the best price
  • Access the live data banks have available to them
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Trusted by CFOs, Treasurers & Board members at over 100 global companies

"Every time we trade we benchmark the rates offered. We follow the development over time per bank"
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"Just offers the perfect tool to keep track of what the banks charge on FX, and helps us save money. Using Just made our treasury operation more professional."
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"Just is an easy-to-use tool which provides a very good overview of banks' charges and enables us to make well informed decisions."
"Just has given us the opportunity to benchmark our FX trades, and easily identify the cost margins we were charged."
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"We rely on Just's pre-trade, live benchmark functionality to make informed, real-time decisions when we trade FX. Using Just saves us cost and improves our FX operations."
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It was so easy! As soon as I received a quote from the FX broker, I was able to challenge the rate I received, showing a margin of 1,000 per million exchanged. He was surprised that I could tell him exactly what he had calculated in profit, and when I told him to give me a new quote, he had reduced the margin to 500 per million exchanged. On that phone call alone, I saved SEK 5,000!”

Mid-size European corporate

Has your company fallen victim to FX price discrimination?


Banks may charge you up to 25x more to hedge

According to a 2019 European Central Bank report, the majority of corporate FX customers pay up to 25x more to hedge their FX exposure than bigger, more sophisticated customers.


Wells Fargo defrauded 771 corporate FX customers

In 2021, the US government announced a 72.6 million USD settlement with Wells Fargo who defrauded 771 business customers by charging higher FX rates than were agreed upon.

Up to 150% higher

Bank markups on FX deals vary wildly

Our analysis of trades valued at 80+ billion USD found companies that don't benchmark pay up to 150% more than peers who do.

Find out how much your FX trades should really cost…

By benchmarking your FX trades you no longer have to accept an unfair rate. Simply present your bank with your FX benchmark information, and receive a lower rate with little to no need for any further negotiation.

Access live interbank market data and margin analysis

Simply enter your trade details and your provider’s quote. Get instant margin analysis based on real-time market data whilst on the phone with your bank. Use these insights to hold your bank to account. And better manage your exposure and costs.

Benchmark forward contracts with real-time data

FX Benchmark helps you get the best rates from your bank for short and long contracts. Just choose a date or tenor for your currency pairs, and get fast answers. Reduce your exposure and lower your FX costs.

Get FX rate alerts for forwards, not just spot rates

Unlike other FX tools, with FX Benchmark you can automatically track and set rate alerts for any tenor (e.g. 3m, 6m, 1y, 2y etc.). You can keep quarterly and annual exposures under control, whilst getting the lowest prices for longer forward contracts.

Demystify confusing bank speak with easier metrics.

Cut out complex PIP calculations. Often banks quote their mark-up in confusing PIPs that vary in value depending on currency pairs. Get a mark-up metric that standardises the math calculations for any currency pair - PPM (parts per million). Know which pairs are costing you more. The lower the PPM, the better the deal.

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